Should You Use Software To Manage An Auto Repair Shop?

Auto repair shops are spread throughout the country. How does yours stay competitive? By offering the best services to your clients.

But that’s not all. What if we told you that a little investment can save your time, streamline processes, and facilitate your customers better?

You would want to adopt such a solution, wouldn’t you? That’s what auto shop software can do!

Management becomes easier

If you’re managing the shop, labour and everything else around the facility, software can be a great helping hand. Not only is it accurate and precise, it also has built-in features such as invoice history and time clock.

If you’re used to preparing invoices and updating inventory manually, you may not want to switch now. If you’re good at maintaining records, you would have journals upon journals recording all the information.

Can you access any record and find the exact detail you were looking for within seconds? If your answer is no, it’s time to purchase automotive software.

What’s in an invoice?

Invoice generation is one of the several tasks the software can perform. Let’s consider a scenario where a technician replaced the engine of a car. The handwritten invoice simply states ‘engine replaced’.

On the other hand, an invoice generated by the software details the job done and provides information about warranties etc. Which invoice looks more professional?

When you hand over the second invoice to a customer, they’ll be satisfied knowing what has taken place and will likely return for other repairs.


Repair shop software can record and retrieve labour entries, enter detailed description of the job, and save the information for future reference. When the customer comes back, you’ll have complete history of repairs performed by your shop.

Schedulers, timers, revenue trackers and more

Auto shop management software can offer a lot of services.

Software provides schedulers to help organise incoming work while keeping your desk uncluttered. It can also generate digital invoice, so your business can go paperless.

It can also track inventory, recording number of units for each part. This is particularly useful when purchasing stock. Built-in timers allow technicians to clock in and out for their respective tasks. This way, you can get more done around the shop.

Keeping track of purchases, revenue and sales, it can also help when filing taxes.

Software can get so much done! The key is to find the right fit for your auto repair shop. If you’re on the lookout for auto management software, we have a great solution for you.

LANKAR offers all of this and so much more. Try it out for free first, and then sign up for the service to make routine operations around the shop simpler.


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