Using Infographics to Capture Your Audience’s Attention

As more and more companies become digitalized, grabbing the audience’s attention has become increasingly difficult for marketers and businesses. Today, we’ve become unprecedentedly dependent on digital media and people spend a majority of their time, scrolling through social media. Because of the increased social media usage, their concentration abilities have considerably declined over the past few years.

How many times do you jump from one app to another while using your smartphones? What type of content grabs your attention the most? If you spend most of your time, creating, watching, or sharing ‘memes’ then, most likely, you ignore lengthy messages and articles and pay more attention to pictures presented with some relatable text.

So, What’s an Infographic

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Infographic refers to the visual representation of data or information. It may include images, charts, and images to help the viewer understand a topic in a quick glance. Businesses use infographics as a communication tool to attract people’s attention, engage with them and help them understand what they’re conveying. Infographics allow you to simplify complex information and data and make it easier for the viewer to understand.

Why Infographics?

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While creating and publishing blogs and articles is critical for every business today, your marketing strategy is incomplete without infographics. You need to present your business performance to your audience, to make sure they know why you stand out from other businesses in your industry. If you’ll present these stats in the form of a report, article, or blog, they’d just scroll through it and won’t remember any information.

If, however, the same information will be presented through graphs, charts, infographics, or image macros, it’ll immediately grab their attention and they’ll be more likely to retain that information in the future. The images and text in an infographic act together to leave a lasting impact on the viewer.

Here’s How an Infographic Works;

  • To provide a quick overview of a certain topic to the website viewers
  • To demonstrate a complex procedure
  • To highlight business progress, study results, or research findings
  • To summarize a long blog/ article
  • To compare multiple concepts
  • To spread awareness about a particular issue

When You Can Use Infographics

Whether you’re a digital marketer or a business owner, you can effectively use infographics in a plethora of ways, such as;

  • You can integrate a striking infographic in your company’s newsletter
  • You can present the findings of various studies in a single infographic and organize the information effectively
  • You can summarize the key points of a lengthy blog post, case studies, research study, or your products.
  • You can use Infographics to showcase various achievements of your business
  • Demonstrate a complex or complicated procedure. If, for instance, you’re starting a course, you can create an infographic to help people understand how they can enroll in the course.

The Benefits of Using Infographics

Infographics can help you promote your business in several ways. Here are a few;

  • Considering the unprecedented rise in digital competitionfor businesses, grabbing the audience’s attention has become quite a big deal for digital marketers. But once you get that (using infographics), they’ll be compelled to spend more time browsing through your website, searching, and finally purchasing your products and services.
  • If you’ll create interesting and visually appealing infographics, your brand persona will eventually improve and they’ll remember your brand’s name, logo, and contact details (if you incorporate it in the infographic).
  • The same Infographics can be posted on different websites; you can use them for guest posting and improve your website’s visibility.
  • Infographics can fit into most social media sites. You can create an infographic and post it on multiple platforms to increase your followers and subscribers.

The Right Way to Create an Infographic

Creating an infographic doesn’t have to be an extremely difficult thing to do. You can create a small infographic in five to ten minutes. Just use the right combination of colors, font style, and font colors. Here are a few steps you can follow while creating an infographic;

  • Understand your audience and focus on creating an infographic that matches their interests and preferences.
  • Evaluate, why you’re creating the infographic, first. Once you identify your goals, move on to the next step.
  • Do the research and only mention highly relevant points
  • There are several types of infographics such as process infographics, comparison infographics, timeline infographics, informational infographics, list infographics. Depending on your goals, choose the right type of infographic to present information.
  • Consider using a template as a base for your infographic, so it doesn’t look absurd, doesn’t look unprofessional, and features a solid structure.

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