How Does Video Marketing Help Generate Leads?

Lead generation is essential for cultivating potential customers using the right mix of strategies for your business. Your goal is to strangers into customers—customers who love you, value you and ones that keep coming back for more.

Here’s how video content intrigues audiences to increase lead generation.

More relevant

Let’s use an example here.

Imagine that on one hand, you see a red-colored, graphic representation of a square. On the other, you read the following words:

A plain figure with four straight angles and four equal sides.

Essentially, both sides of the page are describing a square, but the image catches your attention first, doesn’t it?

This is because the human mind doesn’t always like to work hard. When it comes to absorbing or making sense of information, individuals prefer content that’s easier to process. Therefore, they prefer visuals and graphics over text. Other than the rapid exchange of information, humans are also attracted to visual stimuli such as colors, motion, sounds, and human faces. It’s not only more relevant but also evokes emotions. Your audiences like content that is interactive, and this is why video fares better than text in terms of consumer conversion rate.

Boosts open rates

Most consumers are bombarded with all sorts of emails by brands 24 hours a day. At times, they don’t even remember signing up for the mailing list. Is there anything to make your consumer open an email in their inbox? A video could.

When a video replaces text-heavy emails, the open-rate and reply-rate tend to be higher. There is a greater chance of a consumer opening your email if they read the word ‘video’ in the email subject line because humans are naturally curious. They’d want to know what’s in the video. It piques their interest.

Well-defined metrics

Lead generation is a very quantifiable aspect of doing business. If you invest in video marketing, you need to be clear on how well the content fared. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, video metrics are easier to track and show you a clear picture of how many screens you’re hitting.

  1. If you’re using a professional player that matches your viewer’s IP addresses, you’re at a benefit. Every time a viewer watches a video on your landing page after logging in via their email address, you’ll get to know. This is the play count.This will help you segment your future target, have more targeted conversations, and ensure that the right audiences are watching your content.
  2. While a play count only tells you the number of times your video was played, the play rate tells you about repeated views. A higher play ratemeans that the video was appealing and was more prominent enough to catch someone’s attention the second time.
  3. The most important metric is that of ‘action completionsthat talk about the number of people who completed the ‘call to action’. This metric tells you whether your product page incurred a sales transaction because of the video.

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