Videos And Marketing Automation: How To Effectively Use Both Together

Amounting to 70% of internet traffic, video has become the go-to marketing tool in modern times. More and more businesses and companies are tapping into the wellspring of potential that video marketing has to offer. Increasing the email click-through rate by 300% and driving revenue 49% faster, video has become the leading tool for marketers today.

Safe to say, video content is definitely marketing gold.

Recent times have also seen a huge increase in the use of marketing automation. Also known as lead nurturing, automation is quickly gaining traction in the digital marketing world. Research from Marketo suggests that businesses using lead nurturing are generating 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost.

Think of marketing automation as communication software designed to connect and follow up on thousands of leads at the same time and in a personalized manner.

Video + Marketing Automation = A Dynamic Duo

While both video and marketing automation are insanely effective in their own right, combining the two makes for a winning combination that’s pretty hard to beat. Video content can undoubtedly help you capture the attention of potential customers. But what’s next? This is where automation comes in; it can help you turn that attention into revenue.

It Helps Capture More Leads

An effective video can successfully help you gather customer contact information and redirect traffic to your website. Marketing automation will help you store and categorize that information on a central database. While in the past, this was done manually and painstakingly, with the help of automation, it can be done in the blink of an eye.


It Helps Nurture Existing Leads

Data shows that around 96% of viewers who watch your video or visit your website aren’t ready to make a purchase. The next step in the process is to follow up on those leads and get them to make a purchase decision.

Marketing automation can help you nurture a lead until they’re ready to buy. Through its help, you can send personalized emails and videos that will help potential leads turn into customers.

It Helps Qualify Leads

While video is useful for engaging leads and potential customers, how do you know exactly how engaged they are? Marketing automation can help qualify leads, which means determining how “sale-ready” they are. It can help you determine how ready they are to make the purchase decision. An automation software will check how many times the lead has visited your website, how many items they have viewed something, what content they have downloaded, and what videos they have viewed to qualify leads.

By combining the efficacy of both video and automation, you can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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