How VoIP Will Help Improve Your Business Productivity

Is your business still using a landline system? Do you miss out on sales because your current phone setup isn’t portable, accessible, or scalable enough?

There was a time when businesses were restricted and confined by messy and expensive telecommunication systems, but that’s no longer an issue thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

VoIP solutions allow you to route phone calls through the internet via a local number or toll-free number. This means that employees can accept office calls from anywhere—without having to hand out their personal cell numbers—as long as they have an internet connection. Needless to say, a business where customers can reach employees when they need them is going to be productive as a whole.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how adding VoIP to your business communication can improve flexibility, productivity, and function.

1.     Cost saving

Investing in VoIP technology for your business can help cut costs associated with a conventional phone. For instance, you will no longer need in-house servers—and their expensive equipment fees. Plus, you’ll be able to make unlimited and free international and nationwide calls at lower price rates.

Additionally, you can enjoy the benefits of reaching out to new perspectives and customers with flexible business communication, which will thereby improve your bottom line.

2.     An Accessible Solution For Remote Work

Preference of flexible hours and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies worldwide to switch to remote working. In fact, experts believe that remote working might be the new normal, even after the pandemic dies down. During this time, there’s a bigger need than ever for VoIP systems that allow employees to attend customers’ calls from their homes.

VoIP frees your staff from the confines of desk-based work. It also ties in with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies that help companies thrive. This strategy empowers employees to use personally-owned devices for work, making for a more versatile, mobile, and productive workforce.

3.     Packed With Features

VoIP systems are packed with features that are designed to boost productivity.

Take conference calls, for instance. Nearly half (45%) of workplace meetings happen via conference calls. VoIP systems connect every participant to the same network, facilitating video conference calls in HD, thereby boosting office-wide collaboration.

VoIP systems also have call-forwarding systems along with auto-attendant, call waiting, and smart voicemail features.

What’s more, VoIP systems offer log calls, track wait times, and record call features that better allow business strategists to sort leads, prospects, existing clients and deals, delivering a superb level of customer relationship management.

employee receives calls using VoIP in a remote setting

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