Most Wanted Cloud Computing Jobs

Cloud computing seems to have gripped the job market over the past couple of years, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. As of 2019, there were 50,248 cloud computing positions advertised in the US.

Applying for a job in cloud computing? Here are the most coveted jobs in the industry.

Cloud Architect

Perhaps one of the most interesting jobs in the field of cloud computing is that of a cloud architect. Cloud architects have a central role in IT departments where cloud technology is implemented. They lead the development as well as the implementation of cloud-based initiatives. This helps ensure that the systems are reliable, supportable, secure, and scalable.

Cloud architects work closely with designers to secure computing platforms. They also work within the existing cloud platform to spearhead more effective, efficient, and profitable practices. In addition to this, cloud architects also work alongside members of various other departments to ensure smooth integration of the cloud system.

Required credentials typically include an academic background in computer science and/or engineering, work experience in large-scale networks, and a thorough understanding of load balancing and firewall concepts.

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Cloud Software Engineer

Look up the term “Cloud Software Engineer,” and you’ll see hundreds of results pop up on your search engine instantly. From job descriptions and openings to articles on cloud software engineering, one simple search is more than enough to emphasize just how in-demand this job is.

Software engineers in cloud computing are responsible for the development and design of software modules that are then to be integrated with cloud service providers. Needless to say, this job has room for versatility. Individuals who’re involved in cloud software engineering directly or indirectly contribute to various fields of cloud software development.

If you’re looking to apply for cloud software engineering jobs, you’ll be expected to have a computer science or engineering background. Relevant work experience in software development and knowledge of automation technologies and system configuration tools will also work in your favor.

Cloud System Administrator

Another popular job in cloud computing is that of a cloud system administrator. Companies want individuals who can configure and maintain their cloud systems while making sure their data is protected.

That’s where cloud administrators come in. They’re the experts one turns to when they need to troubleshoot cloud problems or plan for future cloud capacity requirements.

As is the case with the other two jobs mentioned above. Cloud systems administrators are also required to have a computer science or an engineering background. A strong grasp of cloud-based development is another plus.

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