Web Design Basics: How CSS, HTML and JS Work

If you run a business today, one of the most vital aspects of your marketing and outreach is your web design. According to an article published by Forbes, websites help businesses make strong first impressions, increase client and customer access and contribute to business in general.

Though there are companies like ours operating in Toronto, Ontario offering both website design and SEO services to clients in the region, it helps to know a bit about web design basics.

Web Design Basics and Coding

Coding is one of the most basic functions when it comes to web design. This being said, coding is by not a simple task by any stretch of imagination. The same requires an aptitude for the job as well as formal training and experience.

Web designers and programmers also use what is known as programming language. We’re going to elaborate on this a little.

Programming Language

Simply put, programming languages comprise of sets of commands and prompts that make up the coding of a website or page. Though this was done exclusively using HTML back in the day, you have other options like CSS available at present.

Though CSS as well as HTML may not necessarily be classified as programming languages, you need to understand a bit about how these to work in order to understand Java Script. Java Script is what can be classed as a true programming language.


HTML (Hyper-text-markup-language) is part of the bare basics when it comes to web design. The same makes use of what are called tags which help elaborate on various specific functions of elements within your webpage.

In a sense, HTML makes up the backbone of any and all content found on the web.


CSS (Cascading-style-sheets) is what helps determine what various HTML elements will translate to when seen on an actual webpage. Everything from color themes on your website to structure, fonts and other design specifics are determined by CSS.

CSS also plays a role in website adaptability helping make a single site suitable to windows of different sizes as well as different operating systems.


JS (Java-Script) was introduced a lot later in comparison to CSS and HTML. The same helps with website modification and even helps determine how a feature on a webpage may respond to various user prompts.

The same also helps modify web pages and allows designers to set desired responses for buttons and other features on the webpage.

Winding Down

The information in this blog is just a small taste of what web design may entail. If you’re serious about your web design, the best way forward is to hire a professional web design firm in Toronto Ontario like ours to work with. That way, you don’t need to lose sleep over technicalities and need only concern yourself with the finished product!

If you require more information on web design, SEO or other similar functions, get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with whatever you require!

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