Web Design Tips To Boost Conversions

If you are a smart marketer looking to boost conversion rates for your website, you probably know that subtle web design changes can make all the difference.

While many marketers emphasize on the importance of social media, SEO and content, it is unfortunate that web design is often overlooked. Even though each component matters, the web design isn’t just a pretty face; in fact, it can make or break your conversions.

According to a Stanford research study, nearly 46.1% people agree that a website’s is the single most important factor in determining its credibility. On the other hand, 38% of people agree they would leave a website if it isn’t attractively designed. Therefore, it is really important that your design comes off as professional.

Respect User Patience

To put it more appropriately, impatience. Online visitors are extremely impatient, especially when it comes down to surfing on the web. According to one research study, even one second of delay in page loading time leads to a 7% decrease in conversion rates.

Therefore, when it comes down to page load speeds, each second counts. There are plenty of websites that can help you find out your page load speeds.

Color Is The Key

One of the most underrated components of websites, colors plays an important role in enhancing website usability and conveying the essence of your brand. Different color combinations can trigger different emotional reactions.

When identifying a suitable color theme for you website, choose one that induces emotions you need your brand to convey.

Also, don’t forget to contrast. Make creative use of contrasting colors to highlight call to actions, headlines and buttons you want to be noticed.

Don’t Forget To K.I.S.S.

“Keep IT Simple Stupid”—you’ve probably heard of it; it applies to web design as well. Simplicity is critical when it comes to boosting conversions. Every time you are working on creating a web page, ask yourself what you can do to make it simple. The result will be visually appealing and one that delivers better conversion rates.

Put in too much of anything and your website will give a cluttered look that is off putting and a great reason to switch to your competitor.

Use Faces To Increase Familiarity

Your website visitors love to see human faces or avatars on your website. It is that one thing they can relate to, instantly. We are inherently designed to feel connected if we recognize issue and problems through website content. Don’t forget to use pictures on the homepage, testimonials and case studies.

Many of these issues can be solved quickly but the positive impacts are long term. Looking for an easy way to create stunning websites? Check out the website SiteHub.eu today!

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