Is Your Website Design Responsive?

A website with a responsive web design is one that is able to adapt to the screen it is being accessed on, regardless of the type of device. The website automatically adjusts size and form, according to the device for a better user experience.

In the modern digital environment, almost all websites have a responsive design.

Apart from ensuring a superior user experience, these websites also offer a number of additional benefits that are parallel with Google recommendations.

Mobile Usage Is Increasing At Breakneck Pace

The number of smartphone users is ever growing today. Almost all of them use their smartphone and tablets for at least two hours a day to access social media platforms, conduct online banking transactions, and to shop.

Almost 33% of smartphone owners call it the most important device for going online. The usage is quickly outnumbering the time spent on personal computers and laptops. This obviously has a direct impact on how websites are used.

For these reasons alone, it is critical that your website functions flawlessly across all types of devices.

Considering Google’s Recommendations

Google constantly updates its approach to read websites. One of the most important recommendations Google has recently made include having a responsive web design. With the growing number of websites and ecommerce platforms, Google now considers user-friendliness as an important factor when ranking websites. It rewards websites that have a mobile friendly platform and its importance is expected to increase this year.

The Countless Benefits Responsive Web Design

Perhaps the most important benefit of a responsive web design is that pages are fluid across all types of screens and resolutions.

Regardless of the device being used to view the website, the user has a streamlined viewing experience with the flawless resizing and optimal navigation.

Responsive web designs can improve user experience and accommodate all types of users. While some users might prefer buying from your website from their desktop PC at home, others might log in to your website through their smartphone at work. Ensuring all of them have a smooth experience will boost returns and retention rates.

By investing in a responsive design, you manage one website instead of two. This is far more effective than having a separate mobile website to maintain 24/7.

If you are looking to create a responsive web design without technical coding skills, a platform like SiteHub can help. Check out the company’s website to learn more about the packages and get started.

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