Website Speed Matters: How Downtime Burns a Hole in Your Pocket

If your website’s visitors are impatient clickers, there’s nothing to be worried about. According to research by Kissmetrics, almost 47% of customers expect web content to pop up in two seconds, or even less than that. Kissmetrics also suggests that 40% of customers from this crowd won’t ever return to a site that takes three seconds or more to load.

In fact, a few years ago, Amazon found that even a one-second delay in a web page loading reduced conversion rates by 7%. A mega-site like Amazon incurs a cost of USD 1.6 billion each year in sales, for every instance of one-second website downtime.

Of course, a website of a mid-sized or small business won’t incur losses like that. But no one likes to let go of 7% of qualified leads because of something so simple.

Website speed plays a significant role in enhancing search engine rankings, business revenues, and conversion rate. Ahead, we’ll discuss why it’s so important. Enjoy reading!

It’s the First Impression You Leave on Visitors

In the digital world, first impressions hold great importance. Your site’s visitors, potential customers, and other web surfers make quick judgments and form instant opinions about your business.

If your home page loads in the blink of an eye, you’ll win points for providing a great user experience, even leading to a potential sale.

According to research, nearly 79 percent of online buyers don’t go back to a website that has issues with loading speeds.

Your Website Visitors Expect Speed!


When it comes to speed and loading time, visitors set a high bar. They’re impatient when they’re on the move, quickly jumping from one website to another. To make them stop and browse through your web page, you need to offer them something that others don’t—a fast user experience, and a visually appealing and a user-friendly website.

It Affects Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engines, especially Google, care a lot about how visitors react to website loading speed. Google strives to speed up the entire web, and so far, they’ve done a commendable job.

Google announced in 2010 that they consider loading speed while ranking a website. In fact, Google reduces crawls on your website if it takes more than two seconds to load.

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