What Can Excel Do For Your Small Business?

For most companies, the use of Microsoft Excel is a normal part of their daily operations. After all, it’s one of the most effective software tools today. From HR to marketing, nearly all departments use Excel to perform multiple tasks.

However, Microsoft Excel is far more important for small businesses. It can greatly enhance a small sized company’s productivity and efficiency.  

If you have a small business, here is how using Excel can add value to your organization:

Improves efficiency

Majority of businesses rely on Excel for scheduling tasks. It serves as a convenient, hassle-free scheduler for employees. It can also be updated on a frequent basis.

For example, you can create worksheets for each employee’s work shifts. Since everything happens electronically, there is less room for error.

Boosts sales

The growth of any company, regardless of size, depends on revenue growth.  Excel is a vital tool to help enhance sales. You can use it to analyze and identify profitable customers and products or services.

Companies have certain demographics to target. By using Excel, you can assess your business sales activity pertaining to age. Take the case of Excel Pivot Table. It can be used to analyze sales trends about each demographic. Which demographic group generates most sales?

All this information is the key to serving your target demographic better. It can help you change your marketing strategy and products to better serve the demographic.

Aids in decision making

As a business owner, you are required to make multiple decisions daily. It’s crucial to make strategic decisions to save time and money. And strategic decisions are based on facts and figures. Excel does just that.

It allows fact checking. Excel eliminates the need to do manual calculations, whether it’s related to business demographics or sales. As a result, it reduces the chance of error.

These facts help make better more informed business decisions.

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