What Can You Do With a VPS?

Between the two extremes – shared hosting (cost-effective) and dedicated server (complete control) – lies a virtual private server or VPS. VPS is a hosting service that has recently become quite popular. It is basically a server that is partitioned and therefore, has its own operating system, disk memory and bandwidth capacity.

The great thing about VPS is that you can run quite a lot of things on it. Here are some things that make a VPS worth considering:

External Backupi-backup

While Dropbox is great, it means storing your data on a third-party platform. This is where your VPS comes in. Serving as a cloud-based external backup system, it will not only save your files, but will also ensure that you can access those files from anywhere you want. Moreover, it’s not just your important files and documents it protects. If your business has a fully functioning website, you can also keep its backup on your VPS. That can prove to be a life-saver if your business entirely depends on your website.

Game Hosting

From your old-time favorite Counter Strike to the mind-boggling strategy game World of Warships, you can have an incredible gaming session at your office with a VPS. With your own rules and a real-time chat feature, a VPS can provide a true gaming environment. However, the speed and support features depend on the specific VPS you opt for.

Encrypted Wireless Connections

From your company’s confidential data to your employees’ bank statements, a lot of sensitive data is out there for hackers and criminals to get hold onto. With a VPS, all your wireless communications become encrypted which makes it hard for hackers to make sense of the data or intercept.

Effective Project Management

Today’s bosses have become more and more flexible. If you run a team of professionals and some of them want to work from home, a VPS may come in quite handy. Installing powerful project management tools, you can access and manage their work with ease.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A relatively recent phenomenon, the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to completely change the way we communicate with things, such as refrigerators, smart phones, security cameras and so on. Fortunately, a Virtual Private Server supports IoT features. From tightening up your office’s security to managing its temperature to be energy-efficient, there is a wide variety of options when the two technologies combine.

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