What to Consider When Choosing a Classified Ad Hosting Website

With all the classified ad hosting websites available, the decision to select a few to advertise on is tough. How do you know you’re advertising on the right ones? How do you know that they are going to reach your desired audience?

Don’t just randomly pick a classifieds website to host your ad; consider the following when choosing a view-statisticswebsite:

The number of visitors

The success of any website is determined by the number of visitors it has every day. Before you post an ad online, find out approximately how many daily visitors the site has. There’s no point of posting on websites that no one knows about. Ask the website to provide information on usage and daily visitors to see the sort of traffic it has.

Website visuals

Users don’t like websites that don’t look the part so search for a classifieds website that looks organized and is aesthetically appealing. The more attractive the website, the more credible it looks and the more users it likely has.

Remember the classifieds website also reflects on your ad. If you post on a classifieds website that doesn’t look great, people may assume the same about your services.

Look for a classifieds website that looks professional and is easy to use.

Website navigation


Too often a website looks the part but is too complex for users to navigate. Users decide on whether or not they want to stay on a website in less than 5 minutes and if it’s too difficult for them to use, they will close it without giving it a second thought.

Try conducting your own searches on the classifieds website to determine how simple or difficult it is to use. Does it offer a variety of categories? Is it easy to filter cities? How long does it take to open a page? How long does it take to show results? These are all things you need to keep in mind because they are important for the user.

Its target market

When classifieds and job portals realized that college students struggled to find jobs using regular portals, they launched new portals that were specifically targeting college students and listed jobs for fresh graduates. It made it easier for companies that were looking for fresh graduates to fill positions and it made it simpler for fresh grads to find companies that were searching for new talent.

There are many niche classifieds websites that target specific communities. If you’re looking to reach out to smaller communities, it’s best to post ads on niche classified websites.

Keep the above in mind and pick the right classified ads website for you.

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