What’s in a Janitor’s Closet?

Workplaces like schools, restaurants, manufacturing buildings use several sanitary supplies and tools to keep commercial facilities spick and span. There are strict guidelines for you and your cleaning staff to ensure the cleanliness of your facility. Adhering to these guidelines means your janitorial closet should always be well-equipped with all the necessary products.

Cleaning Products

If you look inside a janitorial closet, you’ll find dozens of cleaning products. The sanitary products will be labeled properly for regular cleaning. These chemicals include glass cleaners, disinfectants, all-purpose stain removers, toilet bowl cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, and floor cleaning solutions.

There are several types of industrial chemicals you’ll find in a supply closet:

  • Heavy duty or alkaline cleaning products: Your cleaning staff uses them to remove grease, oil and destroying microbes. They are quite strong and can damage your skin if come in contact.
  • Strong acidic industrial productsare used to clean toilets, bathtubs, and sinks in commercial buildings.

Up-to-Date Equipment

Consider your sanitary supplies company to order the equipment that is the right fit for your building. Your cleaning staff needs to use equipment that is well-maintained and up to date. It is vital for maintaining your facility’s hygiene.

Although the type of equipment varies from building to building, these are common tools you’ll find in a janitorial closet.

  • A vacuum cleaner is an important investment to clean your office’s carpet and hardwood floors clean.
  • A brute barrel can double as a trashcan and caddy. Your janitor can roll their trashcan around the office building and quickly grab trash while cleaning restrooms and spills in different areas of the facility.
  • Cleaner uses dust mops and flat mops to clean hard surfaces. They take up little space, and your janitor typically hangs them on the wall.


Cleaning staff store consumables like paper towels, trash bags, cleaning cloth, and gloves in the supply closet as well. Janitors use these sanitary products for trash disposal, removing stains, and replacing empty dispensers.

Janitorial staff also uses a cart to keep basic cleaning supplies at hand at all times. The cleaning cart is a convenient closet-on-wheels and makes recycling and disposal easy for staff.

Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning using industrial products can be hazardous for your workers. That is why a janitorial closet typically contains personal protective equipment like gloves and hazmat suits for certain occasions. A well-stocked closet should have all the protective gear when needed.


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