Why You Should Buy the Luminox Navy Seal Series 44mm

Although Luminox has only been in operation since 1989, the company has firmly established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-tech watches. The company’s products are used by militaries around the globe, including the United States Coast Guard, and the Navy SEALs, who, in 1993, first asked Luminox to design and develop a special watch for them.

Over the course of this article, we’ll review one of the company’s latest and most high-tech line of watches: the Navy Seal Series 44 mm.

The Highlights

We’ll start off with our favorite feature of the Navy Seal Series 44mm watch: the diameter case. The diameter case of the watch has a pebbled texture, a matte black finish, and is made from reinforced polycarbonate. The case is screwed in place and features a double gasket system, which makes the watch water resistant to an astonishing depth of 200 meters.

Furthermore, the clear cover that goes over the dial is made with hardened mineral crystal and the soft rubber strap features a two-prong buckle and the strap holder has detents which keep the watch securely fastened.

Light-Weight Design

When you handle the Navy Seal Series 44mm watch, the first thing you’ll notice is how light it is. It weighs in at just 56 grams. However, don’t be fooled by the lightweight. The polycarbonate Navy Seal Series 44mm is as durable as any high-quality metal watch. It’s built to be durable and can handle harsh environments with ease.


Like we’ve mentioned, the strap of the watch is made from a soft rubber material, which doesn’t pinch the skin like some other materials do. In terms of size, the strap is thinner than average, with the case being around 5 mm less wide. You hardly notice it on your arm. The grip on the dive ring is positive and secure as well.

Dial Readability

The thing we love the most about the Navy Seals Series 44mm watch is how readable the dial is in the dark. The watch uses Luminox’s proprietary “Nigh Vision Tubes” technology, which involves using small amounts of tritium in the numbers and hands on the dial. Since tritium is a luminous material, it doesn’t require ambient light for recharging, and will not fade over time.

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