Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Change the Future of Building Design?

We’re all walking into 2021 with a significant shift in our habits. We won’t spend New Year’s Eve popping bottles or counting down minutes at Times Square. A mask would be an essential accessory of your Christmas dinner outfit, and there will be fewer guests on the invitation list. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has also affected the way we acquire loans and build our homes.

Here’s how things are expected to change:

Focus on the needs

The COVID-19 pandemic took us back to the basics in a myriad of ways. Consumers all around the world started focusing on needs instead of wants. Individuals worldwide prioritized keeping their loved ones safe and healthy instead of going the extra mile and investing in fancy architecture.

2020 was all about trying to survive and sheltering ourselves from the implications of an economic disaster. As we move into 2021, home builders are more focused on creating easy to clean and functional spaces for families. In 2021, we need homes filled with love and laughter and have all the necessities in one place.

Home layout

The post-pandemic world calls for more open spaces where you can host parties—following physical distancing guidelines. Outdoor spaces like patios and screened-in porches allow families to hang out and spend quality time without worrying about being in a crowded space. Split air conditioning systems are expected to be more in-demand since they prevent sickroom air from being pumped into the rest of the house. Homeowners would also increasingly invest in landscaping efforts to keep disease-bearing microbes and mosquitoes at bay.

A lot of emphases are being placed on ventilation too. The 2021 home designs should promise good circulation of fresh air and improved indoor air quality. Designers need to reconsider the window patterns and placement of wall fans and how they affect the room’s acoustics.

Remote work

Work-from-home became quite a buzzword in 2020. As the lockdown restrictions were put in place, employees started working remotely from their living rooms’ comfort. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Lots of zoom calls were interrupted by children and pets walking into the room abruptly. Our homes weren’t exactly designed to be working spaces—and work productivity suffered.

Moving forward, let’s agree the pandemic is here to stay for some time, and we need to follow the guidelines as much as we can. If you’re building a new house in 2021, think of how you can incorporate a home office that helps you balance the family’s work productivity and privacy. You might need to add an extra room solely designated for video conferencing and remote working.

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