Workplace Crime in Canada—The Economic Costs of Lax Commercial Security

Robust security solutions have become vital for asset and employee protection in workplaces across Canada. It doesn’t matter what the nature, location, or purpose of a business is; any loophole can serve as an entry point for criminal activities, be it minor vandalism or a full-scale robbery.

According to data collected by Statistics Canada, the frequency of crime and violent incidents increased in 2018 compared to 2017. The last five years have seen a gradual increase in incident-based crimes in Canada, and with the increase in the crime rate, the cost of crime has also increased.

Every year, Canadians spend billions of dollars on catching and punishing criminals. From the financial losses of the victims to criminal incarceration, government justice budgets, and the installation of security systems, the true cost of crime can amount to hundreds of billions of dollars.

Over the years, the implementation of surveillance systems in public and commercial spaces and their impact on civil liberties as well as crime prevention has been much-debated. There’s no doubt that strategically installed surveillance technology not only protect civil liberties, but also offer added protection to the general public and employees—without invading their privacy.

This is why security systems in workplaces and commercial areas are a beneficial investment—in terms of both personal and financial safety.

  • Video and audio surveillance are cost-effective solutions that prevent and reduce criminal activities. Cameras installed outside a building or an office entrance not only deter impulsive breaking in and entering, but also document any suspicious activity. This can help the authorities take action or follow-up before any losses occur.
  • In solving a crime, surveillance allows the authorities to effectively investigate the incident with objectivity. This reduces the time and resources spent on tracking down and interviewing witnesses. Additionally, documented crimes also narrow down the scope of the investigation, mitigating the need for overtime, additional staff and gathering evidence.
  • Surveillance in workplaces is also imperative in preventing workplace harassment, be it sexual, physical or verbal.

Despite the costs of advanced surveillance, it’s economically cost-effective and can have a direct impact on the severity, frequency, and repetition of crimes.


Just the sight of a security system can keep criminals away from your business premises. This is why you should talk to a professional security consultant about your business needs and relevant security measures for better protection.

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