Is it Worth Finding an App Service for Your Laundry?

We are always in a hurry – with so much to do in so little time! Staying afloat despite career and family demands is difficult without effective time management and proactive multi-tasking abilities. Individuals prefer outsourcing their house-cleaning, lawn care, window washing, food delivery, and other tasks that they can’t do just as well as the professionals (or don’t have the time). Why not consider signing up for professional laundry and dry cleaning services on a mobile app?

There are numerous reasons why you should seriously consider giving your laundry to a professional dry cleaning service. In addition to providing free delivery and pickup, such a service will also offer:

Great Convenience

Are you tired of lugging your big basket of dirty clothes and soap down to the basement, every week? Are you tired of searching for a cost-effective Laundromat near your location? Convenience is literally under your fingers with such an app service available on your phone. You can order pickup of your dirty clothes and linens with just a few taps on your smartphone and have cleanly washed and folded clothes dropped off by special delivery.

Additionally, the app will offer complete information regarding the dry cleaning service and how to make an order.

Incredibly Cost Effective

The expense will be high if you add up the cost of purchasing a new and high quality washer and dryer system with additional overheads such as running the machine, laundry detergent and your own time to do the laundry. In almost every situation in life, choosing a professional laundry service may seem like the only financially sound and reliable option. How? Professional laundry services like First Dry Clean offers 5 Stars dry cleaning delivery service in a cost-effective price package.

Additionally, the real value app users enjoy is time saved for other, more important things. How much time saved exactly?


  • Walk or drive to the Laundromat depending on far or near
  • At least 30 minutes for complete wash cycle
  • Another 40 minutes for complete dry cycle
  • Walk or drive back home
  • 10 minutes spent folding clothes (more if there are socks that need matching)

That is an hour and a half of time that could have been utilized elsewhere, with friends and family or doing something productive. Moreover, such services are professional and qualified in nature which means you will be sure to receive top-notch service and quality work from step one of ordering laundry delivery service. Are you convinced yet? Tryout First Dry Cleaning and enjoy the convenience of professional dry cleaning and laundry, without stepping out of your home!

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