Your Business Needs These 3 Chat Tools

What has always been the most common way of sending and receiving messages online? Email. However, things have changed and businesses today rely on much faster, convenient means of communicating internally.

Chat tools are proving to be quite useful for businesses. And there are a range of chat tools available. Whether teammates have a swift question, need to spring back ideas or merely favor instant messaging over and above phone calls; chat is the simplest solution. Outlined below are the 3 inexpensive and safe chat tools for small businesses:


This is a free, user-friendly chat app that additionally provides collaboration tools. Apart from one-on-one instant messaging, HipChat also features group chat rooms, sharing of files, sharing of screens, video conferencing and lots more. This app additionally incorporates a broad array of 3rd party apps — including Facebook, Dropbox, Google Apps and etc – forming a seamless part of the organization’s communications. Businesses can utilize HipChat either directly from the application’s website, or install it on their individual servers upon paying additional cost. Whichever way, HipChat can be easily accessed anywhere – browser, desktop, mobile.


Are you on the lookout for a safe, uncomplicated chat solution? Campfire is just what you need. This web-based chat tool does away with the requirement to install instant messaging applications/clients. All you need to do is come up with a password-protected chat room on the website and invite people for chatting. It provides users with the ability to share files and have live previews. Moreover, it supports various file images including PNG, JPG and GIF etc. Not to forget, it also features MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Campfire chat application additionally comes with supplementary features such as conference calling, chat record and add-ons for incorporation with Windows and Mac software. Lastly, Campfire is also available on mobile phones, with a specialized app for iPhone.


Flowdock is yet another free chat and inbox application that allows teams to work together and maintain communications seamlessly reachable in a given place. It provides one-on-one personal chats with individual teammates, group chats and threaded conversations. Flowdock also has a team inbox which simplifies and organizes messages and emails pertinent to project management, customer support and various other sources. This chat application is easily accessible 24/7, just about anywhere —including the web over Windows/Mac OS X app, and on iOS and Android devices.flowdock

Moreover, Flowdock has push notifications across all platforms and devices – allowing no one to miss out on crucial chat requests, messages and emails. It also incorporates @ mentions to gain a particular user’s interest, hashtags, and chat records with transcripts that can be searched.

Effective means of communication is at the heart of smooth and successful business operations, internally and externally. If you’re interested in more small business marketing tips, management skills improvement and guidance on other crucial business operations, make sure you read through Manal Haddad’s blogs. He is a business consultant based in Saudi Arabia who consistently writes blogs as a way of sharing his experiences and knowledge for free.

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